The customer journey

1 - Your service presentation

The customer journey starts on your mobile application or website. Your customers need to understand the service you are offering and how their Linky data will be useful.

We provide visuals and associated usage charts to explain what Enedis and the Linky counter are.

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2 - The share button

This share button is very important. It will be the gateway between your service, Enedis and the customer ! It must be used in accordance with its terms of use, especially, the explanatory text should always be included. This process will allow users to better understand each other’s roles and better manage their data.

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3 - Connection to the Enedis personal account

The customer must have an Enedis personal account. This is essential, because it allows us to ensure that the person behind his screen is whom he claims to be and that this person has the right to have the data he is about to share.

4 - The request for data sharing

Enedis submits to the customer a summary of the data you are asking them to share.  The customer can check the list of data presented in the clearest possible way and consult details. He can then validate or decline the proposal. This phase allows Enedis to collect the customer’s consent regarding the transmission of their data to you by Enedis.

Catalogue of available data

5 - Data collection

The customer is then redirected to your site. Using the information provided by Enedis in the re-direction, you will know whether he/she has accepted or declined to share his/her data. And as long as the consent is valid, you will be able get access to the data the customer has allowed you to have.

Technical documentation

6 - Share management

In his Enedis personal account, the customer will soon be able to access the data he/she has shared with you and others. He/she may change his/her mind at any time and revoke his/her consent. You will also no longer have access to his/her data if he/she moves or the consent he /she has given has expired.

At any time, the customer can ask Enedis to revoke their consent, by mail at or by phone.